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Taïno amulet in fossilized bone, pre-Columbian archeology

Taïno amulet in fossilized bone, pre-Columbian archeology

Ancient fossilized and chiseled bone amulet, made by the Taïnos Indian people several hundred years ago. Anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figure represented with eyes, nose and mouth. The character has a large mask as eyes, recognizable in Taïno art. The arms and legs are folded in front of the body. We can imagine that it is a musician playing the flute. Two small holes allow you to pass a cord or lace.
In its juice with traces of seniority.

The Taïnos were an Amerindian population present in the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean until the 16th century. They were very skilled in pottery, stone and woodwork. The ethnic group was decimated with the arrival of Europeans, due to disease and forced labor.

This is a very old authentic animist object that can complete an archeology collection or a cabinet of curiosities.


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DIMENSIONS : H4.8xL2xD0.6cm
DATE : Before 16th century
ORIGIN : Greater Antilles, Caribbean

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