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Funerary lachrymatory in iridescent glass, Ancient Rome

Funerary lachrymatory in iridescent glass, Ancient Rome

Very old iridescent glass bottle, called " lacrymatoire " used during Roman times.

The bottle has a small ball-shaped base and an elongated, pot-bellied neck, with the lips of the neck entering inwards. In its juice with traces of seniority and wear.

These vials are called “ lacrimatoires ” derived from “ lacrimal glands_cc78 1905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_”, because we thought that they were used to receive the tears of the parents at the time of a death. Presumably, these objects were indeed used during funerary rituals and were placed in the tomb of the deceased, but they would rather have been used for ointments.

It is an authentic archaeological object that can complete a cabinet of curiosities or an art collection.


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DATE : I-Vth century AD
ORIGIN : Roman Empire
WEIGHT : 8gr

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