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Wrought iron corpse tongs, Marseille plague epidemic, 1720

Wrought iron corpse tongs, Marseille plague epidemic, 1720

Very rare wrought iron corpse tongs, used during the plague epidemic in Marseilles in the 18th century. The year 1720 marked the arrival of the great plague pandemic in the port of Marseille… The disease decimated half of the population at the time and marked history forever. 
A survivor of this health tragedy, this corpse clamp was used to move the dead in order to avoid direct contact, and thus spread the infection.

It is a rare object, and for good reason, most of these instruments were destroyed after the epidemic.
You can find another similar clamp at the Marseille History Museum. 

This was discovered in a Marseillaise cellar. 
Opening of the clamp blocked due to seniority.
In its own juice, with traces of age. 

This is an authentic vintage object steeped in history that can complete a cabinet of curiosities or a collection.


Delivery by colissimo with careful packaging and reinforced protection of the article.

SIZE: 88x29cm
DATE: 18th century, 1720
ORIGIN: Marseilles, France
WEIGHT: 5,000 kg

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