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Statuette of a cup bearer, Yoruba, Nigeria

Statuette of a cup bearer, Yoruba, Nigeria

Old wooden statue of Yoruba cup carrier, originally from Nigeria. Represents a kneeling woman holding a cup, prominent eyes, carved crest and scarifications enhanced with pigments.


The cup carrier is a very common theme, and is used during Ifa divination rites or ceremonies. It allows kola nuts to be placed there as offerings to the deities.


Mystical, unique and unusual piece of decoration in the spirit of cabinets of curiosities, collector's item.


In good condition, some traces of age and wear. Brown color with a beautiful patina, indigo polychrome residues on the headdress, scarifications and cut.


DIMENSIONS  :  H28xW10xD10cm

DATE:  Early 20th century

ORIGIN:  Yoruba, Nigeria

WEIGHT :  0.580kg

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