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Various pharmacy jars

Various pharmacy jars

Old pharmacy or apothecary jars in amber glass (brown, orange), porcelain labels with the denomination of the contents, and metal lid.

In their juice, each jar has a defect in the glass.


Available jars: Guaiacol capsules, Carbonate of magnesia, Dust powder, Whole aloes, Incense pulv, Cane sugar, Eucalyptol capsules, Liquorice paste, Ether capsules, Cassia, Antipyretic tablets, Pale roses, Pyrethrum powder , Commander's Balsam, Charred Magnesia.



H24.5cm / DIAM. 11cm

H27.5cm / DIAM. 11.5cm (carbonate of magnesia and calcined magnesia)

DATE: late 19th century

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