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Terracotta leopard head from Benin

Terracotta leopard head from Benin

Old terracotta zoomorphic head representing a leopard. A handle is present on the top of the head. The leopard is represented in a stylized way. The back has a hole and the object was possibly used as a container.

The object is in good condition, in its juice with traces of seniority and wear. Brown patina color.


This type of representation of the leopard is characteristic of the Kingdom of Benin, and was generally made in lost wax bronze. The terracotta construction is rather unusual.

The leopard is the symbol of power attributed to the king, the Oba, and is represented in multiple ways.


It is an authentic decorative object that can complete a cabinet of curiosities or a collection of African Art.


DIMENSIONS : H18.5xL11xD11cm

DATE: Second half of the 20th century

ORIGIN: Kingdom of Benin

WEIGHT: 0.915 kg

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