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Masque de danse antilope Zamble, Gouro, Côte d'Ivoire

Zamble antelope dance mask, Gouro, Ivory Coast, early 20th century

Wooden zoomorphic dance mask called Zamble, Gouro ethnic group, representing a combination of antelope and leopard. "  Zamble is a leopard, his mouth open right behind the antelope he's chasing  ". It is said to run as fast as the leopard while keeping the grace of the antelope. That is why "  the Zamble dancer is said to have the intelligence of a man, the speed of a panther and the elegance of an antelope  ". Fast, light and graceful, this dance must match the orchestra exactly.

This mask symbolizes the male character of the zamblé couple.

The mask is presented on a custom-made base in heavy and solid metal.


Provenance: private collection


Collector's piece of primitive African art, Gouro, unique and unusual in the spirit of cabinets of curiosities.


In its own juice, beautiful patina. The mask is entirely covered with a black patina and is engraved with geometric patterns painted in white.


DIMENSIONS:  H58xW16.5xD46cpm

DATE:  First half of the 20th century

ORIGIN:  Ivory Coast, Gouro

WEIGHT :  4,040kg

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