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Statuette féminine Venavi en bois, Ewe, Togo

Venavi female statuette in wood, Ewe, Togo XIX-XXth

Anthropomorphic female statuette in carved wood, from the Ewe ethnic group in Togo. Honey-coloured wood. The ringed neck is a specificity of Ewe productions. Traces of pigment on the nails and face.


In Togo, African fetishes are part of voodoo rituals according to the intentions of their owner. Witch doctors make them on

order to offer protective and medicinal virtues, and also offer

more classic ready-to-use versions.

The Venavi dolls here represent the missing twin. Parents revered them and cared for them by caring for them.


Provenance: private collection


Collector's piece of primitive African art, first art, unique and unusual in the spirit of cabinets of curiosities.


In its own juice, beautiful patina.


DIMENSIONS  :  H28.5cm

DATE:  Early 20th century


WEIGHT :  0.155kg

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